Advent Riddle: Manhole-Heraldry

The history of the sewerage can be traced back to antiquity. The founded in 1874 Berlin network, today reaches nearly 10,000 pipe meters, 243 894 removable plates are covering access points for underground pipe maintenance. Like many other municipalities, Berlin has its own cover design.
In our this year’s Advent riddle, we ask to identify the origin of manhole covers shown below.

Please send your solution to until  January 1st, 2018, 12.00 pm CET.

The winner has free choice in the current offer of the raubdruckerin online shop.
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Manuscriptorium is a freely accessible digital library which enables ready access to concentrated information on resources mainly in Czech, German and Latin language. The Europeana sub-aggregator focuses on the Bohemian historical region and contains data of manuscripts and rare old printed books from 45 institutions like public and research libraries, archives, museums, castle and monastery libraries in Czech Republic and abroad. The user interface is designed for easy searching, viewing, sampling and sharing of documents.

Name Directories of Berlin Civil Registry Offices

The Landesarchiv Berlin recently provided access to digitized name directories of the Berlin civil registry offices.
The large number of parishes and (since 1874) civil registry offices make family research more difficult in metropolises such as Berlin. If the address of the requested person or family is known or can be identified with the help of the Berlin address books, one can find the responsible office for the corresponding time period.

Digitization makes the research significantly easier and preserves the original documents. An archival visit is not necessary in many cases: if the document number was determined in the directory, a copy can be ordered directly from the archive.

NSDAP membership card index

The digitization of a total of approximately 12.7 million NSDAP membership index cards has now been completed at Bundesarchiv. Since the access is restricted by legislation on protection of privacy, there is little change for the users. Browsing the files in the reading room can now take place optionally on the PC or on microfilm readers. It would be a good idea to tag the single files or link them with geodata in order to reconstruct the regional context lost by the rearrangement of the card index in preparation of the Nuremberg and denazification trials.

The cards of the index contain brief, formalized information such as name, first name, date and place of birth, occupation, membership number, date of application, date of joining the party, termination of membership, address changes, passport photo. The Federal Archive provides information on individual persons on request. A prior clarification of the access authorization is necessary for the use of the inventory on site. The National Archives in College Park (Maryland) have a microfilm copy of the entire material.