Jewish Burial Registry

A further project of JewishGen, the Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) collects data from tombstone inscriptions of and death records.
The data base is searchable by names and regions, sometimes even photographs of the gravestones (matzevot) are displayed. JewishGen-volunteers also help with translating
and/or transliterating Hebrew inscriptions. The cooperating Jewish Cemetery Project, identifies jewish burial sites worldwide and offers closer information about each particular cemetery.

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  1. Georgia Akin 2013-07-16 at 05:49

    I don’t know if I am in the right place. I have just started my journey.
    I am looking for information on my grandfather Maximillian/Max Schade. He lived
    in Breslau, Germany, now Krakow, Poland. During the years from 1927- 1945 (?) I am sure he is passed, but there may be other relatives. My grandmother and their daughters left Breslau and went to Nurenberg. But we never heard anymore of my grandfather. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you…Georgia Akin.

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